Americans Call it GRIT. Finns Call it SISU.

Studies Show Every Child Desperately Needs it.

Doug McDougal

Game Developer
Being an attorney and CPA can't compare with the satisfaction of working with college students as a professor and administrator. In my spare time I love designing toys and games that have provided so many fun memories with my family. I'm excited to share them with you to help your children expand their minds and creativity.

Josh Nelson

Some of my top values are freedom, love, and family. I believe that freedom is essential, love is what makes us human, and family is crucial for fulfillment. I try to live my values daily, and I hope you can see them echoed in the brushstrokes of my paintings. 

Sonja Jorgenson

Writer / Designer
I’m passionate about youth and empowering them to grow into successful, caring, well-rounded adults. I hope our products will help you as teachers and parents to teach your children to admire other people and cultures, practice resilience, love history, and take a break from electronics with hands-on fun!