Origami Condor

Did you know that the Andean Condor is the largest bird in the world? If he was any heavier, he wouldn't be able to fly!

Follow the instructions below to make your own origami condor. Start with an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper, preferably black, but any color will work. 

Andean Condor


Fold the right edge down to the left side. The left corner should be creased at the very tip. 
Fold the bottom portion of the paper up to match the edge of your triangle. Crease well.  
Open the paper and trim off the edge as shown.
Fold the paper in half like a triangle and crease well. 
Fold the paper halfway up. Crease. 
Turn the paper over and fold the edge down as shown. 
Fold the paper in half from right to left. 
Fold that same flap back to the right as shown. You've made one wing.
Fold the left side over on the other side to make the second wing. 
Push the center of the head in and flatten. 
Check out your amazing Condor!
Punch a hole for the eyes and add a bit of cotton for his fluffy white collar.